Guest Bathroom Remodel

This was the last major project and the first one that I did all of the contracting on.

An old and dark bathroom.
July 2008: White everywhere and very dated.
An old vanity and countertop.
The old vanity. Not great, but functional.
An old fiberglass shower and tub.
The shower was amazingly loud due to the hollow fiberglass and uninsulated walls.
A large bead of caulk.
This much caulk is almost structural.
A cut up fiberglass tub leaning on the wall.
My first real demo went well.
An insulated wall cavity.
The walls are now very well insulated and should be more quiet.
A new tub that has been set.
The new tub is set and ready for a surround.
A waterproofed tub surrond.
Prepping the walls for tile.
Wall tile in the process of being set.
The tile install. The clips allow for precise leveling.
A fully tiled tub surround.
The new surround. The same tile as the master but a smaller size.
Floor tile.
New floor tile to match the rest of the house.
A partially painted bathroom.
Updating the color. I never loved the old one and it needed a change.
A new vanity with no countertop.
The vanity is set and the project is almost done.
A new vanity with a countertop.
A countertop to match the others. I did not realize how massive the sinks were.
The bathroom vanity and lights.
The new vanity setp.
A tiled shower surround.
The fully finished shower.