Master Bathroom Remodel - Phase II

With Phase I of the master bathroom moving along, Phase II got kicked off. Goodbye fiberglass shower!

An old shower stall.
The shower representing 1994.
A Moen Positemp valve.
My new Moen valve with integrated stops. Thanks Emily, Janae, and Stockton!
The fiberglass shower cut out.
First pass at the demo.
A picture of wood bracing.
New bracing so that the toilet paper holder on the other side has wood to mount to.
A World of Ed sticker on a beam.
WOE buried in the wall forever.
Trash on the sidewalk.
Goodbye old friend.
A demolished shower.
The black pipe needs to be relocated into the wall and then the tile starts.
Niches cut into the wall.
The uninsulated pieces will be niches. They should be nice.
A plywood floor that is cut open.
Why plumb things correctly when I can fix it 25 years later?
A pipe with insulation around it.
This should help make the kitchen below more quiet.
An insulated wall cavity.
When I insulate a wall, I do it right.
An insulated shower stall.
The shower is now ready for mortar and tile.
A mortar shower bed.
The mortar bed built and drying out.
A waterproofed shower.
Waterproofed walls and my floor tile being set.
A tiled shower.
The first set of the wall tile.
A tiled shower.
The niche backs all tiled in.
A tiled shower.
The niches and step.
An installed shower drain.
The drain that I have dreamed of for years.
A tiled shower.
The shower is partially trimmed and awaiting a door.
A custom tiled shower with a shower door installed.
The shower has a door and is now complete.