Master Bathroom Remodel - Phase I

The master bathroom remodel has started! This is being done in 2 phases and this is Phase I. This will include everything except the shower. The bathroom has come a long way since I purchased the house and I am excited to see all of the changes that are happening.

White walls and a bathtub.
The original tub corner in builder's white in 2008.
A bathroom vanity and mirror.
The original mirror and vanity in 2008.
A tub fill valve and PEX connections.
The new PEX valve that will allow me to kill water at the valve and not the house.
A bathtub.
The old bathtub.
A bathtub.
The new bathtub in the showroom.
A ladder and painting supplies.
Prepping to paint the ceiling again.
A wall with two paint colors on it.
Dolphin Fin meets Oat Cake.
A wall with the Dolphin Fin paint.
The walls almost fully repainted.
A bathroom vanity and mirrors.
Last pic of the old vanity and countertop. Mirrors were replaced about 6 years ago.
A bathroom vanity without a countertop.
The countertop came out but required smashing.
An wall where the vanity was.
The vanity fully removed with bonus cut sheetrock.
An alcove bathtub.
The old bathtub with the surround removed.
A bathroom with the vanity and tub removed.
The demo is done and the room is ready to put back together.
A tub valve in an exposed wall.
Update: Those valves wouldn't seal right and were thrown away.
An alcove bathtub.
The new tub fully set.
Feet inside of a bathtub.
The tub is 6 inches deeper than the original. I can fit in it with tons of room to spare.
A toilet wall valve.
The toilet valve got changed to a push to connect.
Cement board on the floor, drywall being repaired, and an installed tub.
Cement board on the floor, drywall being repaired, and an installed tub.
Drywall repair around sink valves.
Drywall repair on the builder's feature.
Drywall repair around a tub.
Boxing in the tub nicely.
Drywall repair around the new tub valve.
The valve wall closed up.
A bathroom coated in Redguard.
1st pass at getting Redguard on the floor.
Floor tile on the floor.
The floor tiling begins.
A tiled bathroom floor.
Tile in the toilet room.
A tiled bathroom floor.
Tile in the main area of the bathroom.
A tub with tile being installed.
Installing the tub tile.
A tub with the tile completely installed.
The tub tile completely installed.
A picture of a tub spout and handle.
The tub plumbing is now complete.
A tub with soap and candles on it.
The tub with various candles, fancy soap, and a bath bomb.
An installed toilet.
The American Standard Champion 4 ready to be broken in.
An installed toilet.
Grout matched caulk for the toilet and a tight toilet supply line.
A slab of granite.
My slab of Desert Beach granite.
A vanity that has not been installed.
The vanity set in place an ready to be installed.
A vanity that has been installed.
The vanity fully installed.
Flip down drawers on a vanity.
Sweet flip down fronts for hidden storage, installed by myself.
A vanity with handles attached.
The handles and pulls installed on the vanities.
A vanity with a granite countertop.
The granite is set and ready for plumbing.
A fully installed vanity.
A shot of the faucets after installation.
A fully installed vanity.
The view into the bathroom from the bedroom.