Kitchen Remodel

With so much else of the house replaced over the last 6 months, why not do a full kitchen remodel?

An old kitchen with green tile.
July 2008: Green wall tile as floor tile, shitty hanging lights, ugly counters and cabinets.
A white microwave hanging above an area for a stove.
July 2008: That microwave was a trooper and rode it out until the remodel.
A top mount white kitchen sink.
July 2008: The dreaded sink and countertops.
A white dishwasher under a counter.
July 2008: Original dishwasher and shitty countertops.
A two tier kitchen island with sink.
Last pic of the double height island before the remodel.
Kitchen countertops with writing on the bottom.
These were the original countertops. Someone chose these. For a new home....
A broken quarter turn valve handle.
5 minutes into the remodel and the fucking valve broke.
A kitchen with no cabinets and missing tile.
Cabinets are gone and the tile pieces are exposed.
A kitchen island cut open with exposed plumbing.
The island getting ready to be cut down to a single level.
A microwave in a garage.
My kitchen for the remodel.
An new ice maker valve in a wall.
A replaced ice maker valve. Not part of the original plan but it would have been dumb to leave the old one.
A kitchen island cut open.
The island opened up and ready for electrical and plumbing moves.
A kitchen island after being reassembled.
The island complete and with the header back in place.
Tape on either side of a grout line on the floor.
The grout stain/seal sets up like concrete on tile. I had to backtape every fucking inch of grout line.
Recessed light cans in a kitchen.
The new can lights inline with the others.
A kitchen with protective plastic hanging from it.
Not a virus ward, just getting ready to shoot texture.
A semi functional kitchen.
Looking into the kitchen from the corner of the sofa.
A living room as seen from a kitchen.
Looking into the living room from the back of the kitchen.
A stack of cabinets on the ground.
The cabinets have finally arrived.
3 wall cabinets affixed to the wall.
For the first time in months, cabinets are hanging.
A messy kitchen.
Cleaning up after the mess.
Open cabinet doors.
A spice rack and lazy susan to maximize corner space.
The kitchen as seen from an angle.
Looking into the kitchen.
A living room as seen from a kitchen.
Looking out into the living room.
A kitchen with granite countertops.
The kitchen with the granite installed.
A single tier kitchen island.
The new single tier island.
A kitchen view from an angle in the living room.
An angle shot from the corner of the kitchen.
A view of the kitchen.
Looking directly into the kitchen from the living room.
An undermount kitchen sink set in granite.
The beautiful new sink that won't trap dirt at the edges.
A living room as seen from a kitchen.
Looking out into the living room.